We have been fortunate to have an outstanding team composed of students and researchers at all levels from undergrads to PhD students to Postdocs. We are always looking for new members to join our lab!

Current members

Andrew Doxey Andrew Doxey Professor / Principal Investigator
Briallen Lobb Briallen Lobb Postdoctoral Researcher
Benjamin Jenkins Benjamin Jenkins Graduate Student
Sura Ali Sura Ali Graduate Student
Xin Wei Xin Wei Graduate Student
Harold Hodgins Harold Hodgins Graduate Student
Steve (Huagang) Tan Steve (Huagang) Tan Graduate Student
Jessica Luc Jessica Luc Graduate Student
Nooran Abu Mazen Nooran Abu Mazen Graduate Student
Alexander Stavropoulos Alexander Stavropoulos undergraduate
Geoffrey Che Geoffrey Che undergraduate
Shania Wu Shania Wu undergraduate


Our outstanding lab alumni are listed below, including former graduate students, PDFs, and also undergraduate students that have co-authored publications. If you are missing from this list, apologies, and please let us know.

Alex Wu Alex Wu Software developer
Benjamin Tremblay Benjamin Tremblay Bioinformatician / software developer
Daniel Kurtz Daniel Kurtz undergrad
Daniel Richard Daniel Richard undergrad
Emma Collington Emma Collington Graduate Student
Hina Bandukwala Hina Bandukwala Graduate Student
Jennifer Aguiar Jennifer Aguiar Graduate Student
Jeremy Adams Jeremy Adams Graduate Student
Kerrin Mendler Kerrin Mendler Graduate Student
Lee Bergstrand Lee Bergstrand Graduate Student
Linda Yang Linda Yang Developer
Manjot Hunjan Manjot Hunjan Graduate Student
Michael Mansfield Michael Mansfield Graduate Student
Pavel Petrenko Pavel Petrenko developer
Phuong Nguyen Phuong Nguyen Graduate Student
Sadie Graves Sadie Graves undergraduate
Saeed Amin Saeed Amin Graduate Student
Saeer Adeel Saeer Adeel Graduate Student
Vanessa Poletto-Borges Vanessa Poletto-Borges Graduate Student
Vivian Chu Vivian Chu undergraduate
William Zhen William Zhen Developer

If you are interested in joining the lab, don’t hesitate to contact us. Previous experience in bioinformatics or programming or data science is generally required for bioinformatic-related positions. For wet-lab/experimental positions, a background in molecular or microbiology is recommended.


Our work has been made possible by funding and infrastructure support from several organizations.